Different types of autoclave and sterilisers

Different types of autoclave according to use

Laboratory and research autoclaves

Advanced programming cycles and functions designed to meet the sterilization needs of microbiology, biopharmaceuticals, food, chemical and other laboratories.

Autoclave for biological hazardous substances

Biosafety autoclave meeting biosecurity level (BSL) requirements for BSL3 and BSL4 facilities shall include dual-door configurations that provide a hermetically sealed barrier between different risk areas. Safe disposal of all waste water and gases from the contaminated area, safety backup systems, elimination of the risk of harmful pathogens and other contaminated substances.

Autoclave for animal care

Autoclaves meet the sterilization requirements for laboratory research equipment used in animals, prevent cross-transmission, exposure to micro-organisms in faces and biological fluids and pheromones from one study to another. The validity and reproducibility of research data are maintained while ensuring a safe environment for humans.

Laboratory and research autoclaves

Countertop autoclaves

Steam autoclave sterilizer with advanced technology best suited for daily use in healthcare. Chamber sizes from 23 to 160 liters. It adheres to strict international standards on safety and sterilisation.

Large laboratory autoclaves

Sterilizers providing high-quality reproducible results for a wide range of laboratory applications, including: liquids, glass utensils, instruments, porous loads and other laboratory objects. Chamber sizes from 310 to 8840 liters with options for single or double doors. All made of 316L stainless steel. Customized solutions are available, including unique chamber sizes and advanced sterilization cycles.

Laboratory disinfectants

The peculiarity of these autoclaves is versatility. They are therefore adapted for research laboratories as they allow flexibility of the entire system for washing, disinfecting, drying and certifying laboratory products.

From the top of the loading autoclave

Insert applications from the top of the machine. They are distinguished by advanced technology for laboratory applications. Chamber sizes from 23 to 160 liters. It adheres to all strict international standards regarding safety and sterilisation.